The big bang and stellar evolution Pt4

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The big bang and stellar evolution Pt4 Empty The big bang and stellar evolution Pt4

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The big bang and stellar evolution Pt4
There is no way to slow the particles. They
are traveling at supersonic speed, and every kilometer
would separate them farther from one other.
5 - There is no way to change the direction of even
one particle. They would keep racing on forever, never
slowing, never changing direction. There is no way to get
the particles to form into atoms or cluster into gaseous
clouds. Angular momentum [turning motion] would be
needed, and the laws of physics could not produce it.
6 - How could their atomic structures originate?
Atoms, even hydrogen and helium, have complex structures.
There is no way that outward shooting particles, continually
separating farther from each other as they travel,
could arrange themselves into atomic structures.
We will now assume that, contrary to physical laws,
(1) the particles magically DID manage to move toward
one another together, and (2) the particles COULD slow
down and change directions.
The theory—Gradually, the outward-racing particles
are said to have begun circling one another, forming atoms.
These atoms then changed direction further (this time
toward one another) and formed gas clouds which then
pushed together into stars.
This aspect of the stellar evolution theory is as strange
as that which preceded it.
1 - Gas molecules in outer space are widely separated.
By “gas,” we mean atoms of hydrogen and/or helium
which are separated from one another. All gas in outer
space has a density so rarified that it is far less than the
emptiest atmospheric vacuum pressure bottle in any
laboratory in the world! Gas in outer space is rarer (less
dense; atoms more separated) than anything on earth.
2 - Neither hydrogen nor helium in outer space
would clump together. In fact, there is no gas on earth
74 The Evolution Cruncher
that clumps together either. Gas pushes apart; it does not
push together. Separated atoms of hydrogen and/or helium
would be even less likely to clump together in outer space.
We will now ASSUME that the outward-moving, extremely
fast, ever separating atoms (shot out by the Big
Bang explosion) could slow, change direction, and form
themselves into immense clouds.
1 - Because gas in outer space does not clump, the
gas could not build enough mutual gravity to bring it
together. And if it cannot clump together, it cannot form
itself into stars. The idea of gas pushing itself together in
outer space to form stars is more scienceless fiction. Fog,
whether on earth or in space, cannot push itself into balls.
Once together, a star maintains its gravity quite well, but
there is no way for nature to produce one. Getting it together
in the first place is the problem. Gas floating in a
vacuum cannot form itself into stars. Once a star exists, it
will absorb gas into it by gravitational attraction. But before
the star exists, gas will not push itself together and
form a star—or a planet, or anything else. Since both hydrogen
and helium are gases, they are good at spreading
out, but not at clumping together.
2 - Careful analysis has revealed that there is not
enough matter in gas clouds to produce stars.
3 - There would not be enough time for the gas to
reach the currently known expanse of the universe, so
it could form itself into stars. Evolutionists tell us that
the Big Bang occurred 10 to 15 billion years ago, and stars
were formed 5 billion years later. They only allow about
2½ billion years for it to clump together into stars! Their
dating problem has been caused by the discovery of supposedly
faraway quasars (which we will discuss later),
some of which are dated at 15 billion light-years, since they
have a redshift of 400 percent. That would make them 15
billion years old, which is too old to accommodate the theory.
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