The big bang and stellar evolution Pt2

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The big bang and stellar evolution Pt2 Empty The big bang and stellar evolution Pt2

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The big bang and stellar evolution Pt2

1 - The Big Bang theory is based on theoretical

extremes. It may look good in math calculations, but it

can’t actually happen. A tiny bit of nothing packed so

tightly together that it blew up and produced all the

matter in the universe. Seriously now, this is a fairy tale.

It is a bunch of armchair calculations, and nothing else.

It is easy to theorize on paper. The Big Bang is a theoretical

extreme, just as is a black hole. It is easy to theorize

that something is true, when it has never been seen and

there is no definitive evidence that it exists or ever happened.

But let us not mistake Disneyland theories for science.

2 - Nothingness cannot pack together. It would have

no way to push itself into a pile.

3 - A vacuum has no density. It is said that the nothingness

got very dense, and that is why it exploded. But a

total vacuum is the opposite of total density.

4 - There would be no ignition to explode nothingness.

No fire and no match. It could not be a chemical

explosion, for no chemicals existed. It could not be a

nuclear explosion, for there were no atoms!

5 - There is no way to expand it. How can you expand

what isn’t there? Even if that magical vacuum could

somehow be pulled together by gravity, what would then

cause the pile of emptiness to push outward? The “gravity”

which brought it together would keep it from expanding.

6 - Nothingness cannot produce heat. The intense

heat caused by the exploding nothingness is said to have

changed the nothingness into protons, neutrons, and electrons.

First, an empty vacuum in the extreme cold of outer

space cannot get hot by itself. Second, an empty void cannot

magically change itself into matter. Third, there can

be no heat without an energy source.

7 – The calculations are too exacting. Too perfect

an explosion would be required. On many points, the

Big Bang and Stellar Evolution 71

theoretical mathematical calculations needed to turn

a Big Bang into stars and our planet cannot be worked

out; in others they are too exacting. Knowledgeable scientists

call them “too perfect.” Mathematical limitations

would have to be met which would be next to impossible

to achieve. The limits for success are simply too narrow.

Most aspects of the theory are impossible, and some

require parameters that would require miracles to fulfill.

One example of this is the expansion of the original

fireball from the Big Bang, which they place precisely

within the narrowest of limits.

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