18th AND 19th century scientists Pt 10

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18th AND 19th century scientists Pt 10

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Marsh’s Horse Series (1870s). *Othniel C. Marsh
claimed to have found 30 different kinds of horse fossils
in Wyoming and Nebraska. He reconstructed and arranged
them in a small-to-large evolutionary series, which
was never in a straight line (*Encyclopedia Britannica,
1976 ed., Vol. 7, p. 13). Although displayed in museums
for a time, the great majority of scientists later repudiated
this “horse series” (*Charles Deperet, Transformations
of the Animal World, p. 105; *G.A. Kerkut, Implications
of Evolution, 1960, p. 149).

*Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). *Nietzsche was a
remarkable example of a man who fully adopted Darwinist
principles. He wrote books declaring that the
way to evolve was to have wars and kill the weaker
races, in order to produce a “super race” (*T. Walter
Wallbank and *Alastair M. Taylor, Civilization Past and
Present, Vol. 2, 1949 ed., p. 274). *Darwin, in Origin of
the Species, also said that this needed to happen.

The writings of both men were read by German militarists and led
to World War I. *Hitler valued both Darwin’s and
Nietzche’s books. When Hitler killed 6 million Jews, he
was only doing what Darwin taught.
It is of interest, that a year before he defended *John
Scopes’ right to teach Darwinism at the Dayton “Monkey
Trial,” *Clarence Darrow declared in court that the murderous
thinking of two young men was caused by their
having learned *Nietzsche’s vicious Darwinism in the pub-
32 The Evolution Cruncher
lic schools (*W. Brigan, ed., Classified Speeches).

*Asa Gray was the first leading theistic evolutionary
advocate in America, at the time when Darwin
was writing his books. Gray, a Presbyterian, worked
closely with *Charles W. Eliot, president of Harvard, in
promoting evolution as a “Christian teaching,” yet teaching
long ages and the book of Genesis as a fable.
The Challenger was a British ship dispatched to find
evidence, on the ocean bottom, of evolutionary change.
During its 1872-1876 voyage, it carried on seafloor
dredging, but found no fossils developing on the bottom
of the ocean.

By this time, it was obvious to evolutionists
that no fossils were developing on either land
or sea, yet they kept quiet about the matter. Over the
years, theories, hoaxes, false claims, and ridicule favoring
evolution were spread abroad; but facts refuting it, when
found, were kept hidden.
*Karl Marx (1818-1883) is closely linked with Darwinism.
That which *Darwin did to biology, Marx with
the help of others did to society. All the worst political
philosophies of the 20th century emerged from the dark
cave of Darwinism.

Marx was thrilled when he read
Origin of the Species and he immediately wrote Darwin
and asked to dedicate his own major work, Das
Kapital, to him. Darwin, in his reply, thanked him but
said it would be best not to do so.

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