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Why did Jesus had to go on the cross for you ? Because the Bible says that sin needs to have penalty. Death is the penalty for sin ! Just one sin deserves death ! Who's death ? The death of one who is sinless. Could an angel die for our sins ? No. Only a life which compares with the life of God could redeem man from everlasting ruin and destuction. A read a book called Patiarchs and prophets which says that Jesus God the Father and the Holy Spirit had a meeting way before the earth was created and they decided if Jesus would come on earth. Finally measuring His love for human beings, each one individually. This love so strong, so deep could not let even one person not to have the opportunity to be saved and go to Heaven ! What love ! What wondrous love
! Be astonished earth ! Be amazed frail human being to be such the tender regard of such a mighty God and such a tender Creator !

"God so loved the world, that He gave His only-begotten Son." He gave Him not only to live among
men, to bear their sins, and die their sacrifice. He gave Him to the fallen race. Christ was to identify
Himself with the interests and needs of humanity. He who was one with God has linked Himself with the children of men by ties that are never to be broken. Jesus is "not ashamed to call them brethren" (Hebrews 2:11); He is our Sacrifice, our Advocate, our Brother, bearing our human form before the Father's throne, and through eternal ages one with the race He has redeemed--the Son of man. And all this that man might be uplifted from the ruin and degradation of sin that he might reflect the love of God and share the joy of holiness.

The price paid for our redemption, the infinite sacrifice of our heavenly Father in giving His Son to
die for us, should give us exalted conceptions of what we may become through Christ. As the inspired apostle John beheld the height, the depth, the breadth of the Father's love toward the perishing race, he was filled with adoration and reverence; and, failing to find suitable language in which to express the greatness and tenderness of this love, he called upon the world to behold it. "Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God." 1 John 3:1. What a value this places upon man! Through transgression the sons of man become subjects of Satan. Through faith in the atoning sacrifice of Christ the sons of Adam may become the sons of God.
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bible research, onlinebible, online bible

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