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Satan and his angels had enjoyed a little moment of triumph that their power over fallen
man had caused the Lord of life, to be laid in the grave; but short was their hellish triumph. For as
Jesus walked forth from his prison house a majestic conqueror, Satan knew that after a season he
must die, and his kingdom pass unto him whose right it was. He lamented and raged that
notwithstanding all his efforts and power, Jesus had not been overcome, but had laid open a way of
salvation for man, and whosoever would, might walk in it and be saved.
For a little, Satan seemed sad and showed distress. He held a council with his angels to consider what they should engage in next to work against the government of God. Said Satan, You
must hasten to the chief priests and elders. We succeeded in deceiving them and blinding their eyes,
and hardening their hearts against Jesus. We made them believe he was an impostor. That Roman
guard will carry the hateful news that Christ is risen. We led the priests and elders on to hate Jesus,
and to murder him. Now hold it before them in a bright light, that as they were his murderers, if it
becomes known that Jesus is risen, they will be stoned to death by the people, in that they killed an
innocent man.
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible

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