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Terrible fear seized the guard. Where was now their power to keep the body of Jesus?
They did not think of their duty, or of the disciples stealing him away. They were amazed and
affrighted, as the exceeding bright light of the angels shone all around brighter than the sun. The
Roman guard saw the angels, and fell as dead men to the ground. One angel rolled back the stone in
triumph, and with a clear and mighty voice, cried out, Thou Son of God! Thy Father calls thee!
Come forth! Death could hold dominion over him no longer. Jesus arose from the dead. The other
angel entered the sepulchre, and as Jesus arose in triumph, he unbound the napkin which was about
his head, and Jesus walked forth a victorious conqueror.

In solemn awe the angelic host gazed
upon the scene. And as Jesus walked forth from the sepulchre in majesty, those shining angels
prostrated themselves to the ground and worshiped him; then hailed him with songs of victory and
triumph, that death could hold its divine captive no longer. Satan did not now triumph. His angels
had fled before the bright, penetrating light of the heavenly angels. They bitterly complained to
their king, that their prey had been taken violently from them, and that he whom they so much hated
had risen from the dead.
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible

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