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The Son of God was delivered to the people to be crucified. They led the dear Saviour
away. He was weak and feeble through pain and suffering, caused by the scourging and blows
which he had received, yet they laid on him the heavy cross upon which they were soon to nail him.
But Jesus fainted beneath the burden. Three times they laid on him the heavy cross, and three times
he fainted. They then seized one of his followers, a man who had not openly professed faith in
Christ, yet believed on him. They laid on him the cross, and he bore it to the fatal spot. Companies
of angels were marshaled in the air above the place.

A number of his disciples followed him to Calvary in sorrow, and with bitter weeping. They called to mind Jesus. riding triumphantly into Jerusalem, and they following him, crying, Hosanna in the highest! and strewing their garments in the way, and the beautiful palm branches. They thought that he was then to take the kingdom and
reign a temporal prince over Israel. How changed the scene! How blighted their prospects!
Bible quotes, bibles, catholic bible, the online bible
Bible quotes, bibles, catholic bible, the online bible

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