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Satan and his angels were tempting Pilate, and trying to lead him on to his own ruin. They
suggested to him that if he did not take any part in condemning Jesus, others would; the multitude
were thirsting for his blood; and if he did not deliver Jesus to be crucified, he would lose his power
and worldly honor, and would be denounced as a believer on the impostor, as they termed him.
Pilate, through fear of losing his power and authority, consented to the death of Jesus. And
notwithstanding he placed the blood of Jesus upon his accusers, and the multitude received it,
crying, His blood be on us and on our children, yet Pilate was not clear; he was guilty of the blood
of Christ. For his own selfish interest, and love of honor from the great men of earth, he delivered
an innocent man to die. If Pilate had followed his conviction, he would have had nothing to do with
condemning Jesus.
The trial and condemnation of Jesus were working on the minds of many; and impressions
were being made which were to appear after his resurrection; and many were to be added to the
Church whose experience and conviction should be dated from the time of Jesus. trial.
Satan.s rage was great as he saw that all the cruelty which he had led the chief priests to
inflict on Jesus had not called forth from himthe least murmur. I saw that, although Jesus had taken
man.s nature, a power and fortitude that was God-like sustained him, and he did not depart from the
will of his Father in the least.
See Matthew 26:57-75, 27:1-31; Mark 14:53-72, 15:1-20; Luke 22:47-71, 23:1-25; John chap.18, 19:1-16
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Bible quotes, bibles, catholic bible, the online bible

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