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When Pilate heard that Herod was at Jerusalemhe was glad, and hoped to free himself from
the disagreeable matter altogether, and have nothing to do in condemning Jesus. He sent him, with
his accusers, to Herod. Herod was hardened. His murdering John left a stain upon his conscience
which he could not free himself from, and when he heard of Jesus, and the mighty works done by
him, he thought it was John risen from the dead. He feared and trembled, for he bore a guilty
conscience. Jesus was placed in Herod.s hands by Pilate. Herod considered this act an
acknowledgment from Pilate of his power, authority and judgment. They had previously been
enemies, but then they were made friends. Herod was glad to see Jesus, for he expected that he
would work some mighty miracle for his satisfaction. But it was not the work of Jesus to gratify his
curiosity. His divine and miraculous power was to be exercised for the salvation of others, but not
in his own behalf.
Jesus answered nothing to the many questions put to him by Herod; neither did he regard
his enemies who were vehemently accusing him. Herod was enraged because Jesus did not appear
to fear his power, and with his men of war, derided, mocked and abused the Son of God. Herod was
astonished at the noble, God-like appearance of Jesus, when shamefully abused, and feared to
condemn him, and he sent him again to Pilate.
Bible quotes, bibles, catholic bible, the online bible
Bible quotes, bibles, catholic bible, the online bible

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