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Jesus had many sympathizers in that company, and his answering nothing to the many
questions put to him amazed the throng. To all the insults and mockery not a frown, not a troubled
expression was upon his features. He was dignified and composed. He was of perfect and noble
form. The spectators looked upon him with wonder. They compared his perfect form, his firm,
dignified bearing, with those who sat in judgment against him, and said to one another that he
appeared more like a king to be entrusted with a kingdom than any of the rulers. He bore no marks
of being a criminal. His eye was mild, clear and undaunted, his forehead broad and high. Every
feature was strongly marked with benevolence and noble principle. His patience and forbearance
were so unlike man, that many trembled. Even Herod and Pilate were greatly troubled at his noble,
God-like bearing.

Pilate from the first was convicted that he was no common man, but an excellent character.
He believed him to be entirely innocent. The angels who were witnessing the whole scene noticed
the convictions of Pilate, and marked his sympathy and compassion for Jesus; and to save him from
engaging in the awful act of delivering Jesus to be crucified, an angel was sent to Pilate.s wife, and
gave her information through a dream that it was the Son of God in whose trial Pilate was engaged,
and that he was an innocent sufferer. She immediately sent word to Pilate that she had suffered
many things in a dream on account of Jesus, and warned him to have nothing to do with that holy
man. The messenger bearing the communication pressed hastily through the crowd, and handed it
to Pilate. As he read it he trembled and turned pale. He at once thought he would have nothing to
do in the matter; that if they would have the blood of Jesus he would not give his influence to it, but
would labor to deliver him.
Bible quotes, bibles, catholic bible, the online bible
Bible quotes, bibles, catholic bible, the online bible

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