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The angels as they left heaven, in sadness laid off their glittering crowns. They could not
wear them while their commander was suffering, and was to wear a crown of thorns. Satan and his
angels were busy in that judgment hall to destroy humanity and sympathy. The very atmosphere
was heavy and polluted by their influence. The chief priests and elders were inspired by them to
abuse and insult Jesus, in a manner the most difficult for human nature to bear. Satan hoped that
such insult and sufferings would call forth from the Son of God some complaint or murmur; or that
he would manifest his divine power, and wrench himself from the grasp of the multitude, and thus
the plan of salvation at last fail.

Peter followed his Lord after his betrayal. He was anxious to see what would be done with
Jesus. And when he was accused of being one of his disciples, he denied it. He was afraid of his
life, and when charged with being one of them, he declared that he knew not the man. The disciples
were noted for the purity of their words, and Peter, to deceive, and convince them that he was not
one of Christ.s disciples, denied it the third time with cursing and swearing. Jesus, who was some
distance from Peter, turned a sorrowful reproving gaze upon him. Then he remembered the words
which Jesus had spoken to him in the upper chamber, and also his zealous assertion, Though all
men shall be offended because of thee, yet will I never be offended. He denied his Lord, even with
cursing and swearing; but that look of Jesus melted Peter at once, and saved him.
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible

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