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I then viewed Jesus in the garden with his disciples. In deep sorrow he bade them watch
and pray lest they should enter into temptation. Jesus knew that their faith was to be tried, and their
hopes disappointed, and that they would need all the strength they could obtain by close watching
and fervent prayer. With strong cries and weeping, Jesus prayed, Father, if thou be willing, remove
this cup from me, nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done. The Son of God prayed in agony.
Large drops of sweat like blood came out of his face, and fell upon the ground. Angels were
hovering over the place, witnessing the scene, while only one was commissioned to go and
strengthen the Son of God in his agony. The angels in heaven cast their crowns and harps from
them, and with the deepest interest silently watched Jesus. There was no joy in heaven. They
wished to surround the Son of God, but the commanding angels suffered them not, lest, as they
should behold his betrayal, they would deliver him; for the plan was laid out, and it must be
After Jesus had prayed, he came to see his disciples. They were sleeping. He had not the
comfort and prayers of even his disciples in that dreadful hour. Peter who was so zealous a little
before, was heavy with sleep. Jesus reminded him of his positive declarations, and said unto him,
What! could ye not watch with me one hour? Three times the Son of God prayed in agony, when
Judas, with his band of men, was at hand. He met Jesus as usual to salute him. The band
surrounded Jesus; but there he manifested his divine power, as he said, Whom seek ye? I am he.
They fell backward to the ground. Jesus made this inquiry that they might witness his power, and
have evidence that he could deliver himself from their hands if he would.
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible

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