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I was then carried down to the time when Jesus ate the Passover supper with his disciples.
Satan had deceived Judas, and led him to think he was one of Christ.s true disciples; but his heart
had ever been carnal. He had seen the mighty works of Jesus, he had been with him through his
ministry, and yielded to the overpowering evidences that he was the Messiah; but he was close and
covetous. He loved money. He complained in anger of the costly ointment poured upon Jesus.
Mary loved her Lord. He had forgiven her sins which were many, and had raised from the dead her
much loved brother, and she felt that nothing was too dear to bestow upon Jesus.

The more costly and precious the ointment, the better could Mary express her gratitude to her Saviour, by devot-ing it to him. Judas, as an excuse for his covetousness, said that the ointment might have been sold and
given to the poor. But it was not because he had any care for the poor; for he was selfish, and often
appropriated to his own use that which was entrusted to his care to be given to the poor. Judas had
not been attentive to the comforts and wants of Jesus, and to excuse his covetousness, he often
referred to the poor. And this act of generosity on the part ofMary was a most cutting rebuke of his
covetous disposition.
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible

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