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After Satan had ended his temptations, he departed from Jesus for a season, and angels
prepared him food in the wilderness, and strengthened him, and the blessing of his Father rested
upon him. Satan had failed in his fiercest temptations, yet he looked forward to the period of Jesus'
ministry, when he should at different times try his cunning against him. He still hoped to prevail
against him by stirring up those who would not receive Jesus, to hate and seek to destroy him.

Satan held a special counsel with his angels. They were disappointed and enraged that they had
prevailed nothing against the Son of God. They decided that they must be more cunning, and use
their power to the utmost to inspire unbelief in the minds of his own nation as to his being the
Saviour of the world, and in this way discourage Jesus in his mission. No matter how exact the
Jews might be in their ceremonies and sacrifices, if they could keep their eyes blinded as to the
prophecies, and make them believe that it was a mighty, worldly king who was to fulfill these
prophecies, they would keep their minds on the stretch for a Messiah to come.
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible
Bible, bible in, in the bible, what is the bible

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