18th AND 19th century scientists Pt 27

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18th AND 19th century scientists Pt 27

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Radioactive Halos Disprove Molten Earth Theory
(1986). Robert V. Gentry carried on research into radiohalos
in granite for years, but was discharged from Oak Ridge
Research Laboratory in 1982 because he testified in defense
of Arkansas State at the above-mentioned trial. He then put
his years of research findings and professional articles into a
book (Creation’s Tiny Mystery, 1986).

In brief, billions upon billions of polonium 218 radiohalos are in granite, yet
each halo was formed in less than 3 minutes. There is
no way the halos could get in there after the granite was
formed, yet the granite had to be solid when the halos
formed. This means the granite was created solid in less
than three minutes! Since granite is the basement rock under
every continent, it would be impossible for the earth
to once have been a molten mass as conjectured by the
evolutionists. Interestingly enough, granite can be melted;
but it will reform into rhyolite, never into granite. See chapter
3, Origin of the Earth, for a brief summary of data on
this. Go to our website for a complete study on the subject.
Poll of Biology Teachers (1988).

A survey, conducted by the University of Texas, found that 30% of 400 highschool
biology teachers believe in Biblical creation and
only 19% believe in evolution (Waco Tribune-Herald, September
11, 1988).
Chernobyl (1986) is another evolutionist’s paradise. Since
mutations are today thought to be the leading mechanism for
achieving evolutionary change for the better, the intense
radiation which the people received on April 26, 1986,
should have brought them great benefit because of all
the mutations it induced. They should be stronger,
healthier, have improved organs, and produce children
which are higher forms of life. But this has not happened.
Scientists know that even Marie Curie and her daughter died
as a result of working with radiation. Mutations result in
harm and death, never in evolutionary change (*Isaac Asimov,
Asimov’s New Guide to Science, 1984, pp. 691-692).

“I have often thought how little I should like to have to
prove organic evolution in a court of law.”—*Errol White,
Proceedings of the Linnean Society, London (1966) [an
ichthyologist (expert on fish) in a 1988 address before a
meeting of the Linnean Society in London].
“I doubt if there is any single individual within the scientific
community who could cope with the full range of
[creationist] arguments without the help of an army of consultants
in special fields.”—*David M. Raup, “Geology
and Creation,” Bulletin of the Field Museum of Natural
History, Vol. 54, March 1983, p. 18.

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