18th AND 19th century scientists Pt 9

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18th AND 19th century scientists Pt 9

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*Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911). Galton was
*Charles Darwin’s cousin who amplified on one of the
theory’s logical conclusions. He declared that the “science”
of “eugenics” was the key to humanity’s problems:
Put the weak, infirm, and aged to sleep. *Adolf
Hitler, an ardent evolutionist, used it successfully in World

War II (*Otto Scott, “Playing God,” in Chalcedon Report,
No. 247, February 1986, p. 1).
*Wallace’s Break with *Darwin. Darwin’s close
friend, Russell Wallace, eventually separated from Darwin’s
position—a position he had given Darwin—when
Wallace realized that the human brain was far too advanced
for evolutionary processes to have produced it
(Loren C. Eiseley, “Was Darwin Wrong about the Human
Brain?” Harpers Magazine, 211:66-70, 1955).

*Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), along with certain
other men (*Friedrich Nietzche, *Karl Marx, *Sigmund
Freud, *John Dewey, etc.), introduced evolutionary modes
and morality into social fields (sociology, psychology, education,
warfare, economics, etc.) with devastating effects
on the 20th century. Spencer, also a spiritist, was the
one who initially invented the term, “evolution” (*R.
Milner, Encyclopedia of Evolution, 1990, p. 159; cf. 424).
Spencer introduced sociology into Europe, clothing it
in evolutionary terms. From there it traveled to America.

He urged that the unfit be eliminated, so society
could properly evolve (*Harry E. Barnes, Historical Sociology,
1948, p. 13). In later years, even the leading evolutionists
of the time, such as Huxley and Darwin, became
tired of the fact that Spencer could do nothing but theorize
and knew so little of real-life facts.
Archaeopteryx (1861, 1877). These consisted of several
fossils from a single limestone quarry in Germany,
each of which the quarry owner sold at a high price. One
appeared to possibly be a small dinosaur skeleton, complete
with wings and feathers. European museums paid
high prices for them. (As we will learn below, in 1985
Archaeopteryx was shown to be a fake.)

*Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919), a teacher at the University
of Jena in Germany, was the most zealous advocate
of Darwinism on the continent in the 19th century. He
drew a number of fraudulent charts (first published in
Brief History of Evolutionary Theory 31
1868) which purported to show that human embryos were
almost identical to those of other animals. Reputable scientists
repudiated them within a few years, for embryologists
recognized the deceit. (See chapter 16,
Vestiges and Recapitulation on our website for the charts.)
*Darwin and *Haeckel had a strong influence on the
rise of world communism (*Daniel Gasman, Scientific
Origins of National Socialism: Social Darwinism
in Ernst Haeckel and the German Monist League, 1971,
p. xvi).

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